Notas Técnicas Auger (GAP-Notes)

11. Observation of the spectrum with the AMIGA infill
D. Ravignani, H. Asorey, D. Melo, G. De La Vega, A. Etchegoyen, A.
Ferrero, R.F. Gamarra, B. García, M. Josebachuili, F. Sánchez, I.
Sidelnik, A. Tapia and B. Wundheiler
GAP 2011-10, February 16, 2011

10. Compression of the T2 list over the AMIGA communications system,
De la vega, G. Sato, R, Contreras, F,. García, B. GAP 2009-107. (11 páginas) .

9. 802.11 wireless communications system for the AMIGA project
Gonzalo de la Vega, Beatriz Garcia, Manuel Platino, Fernando Contreras
GAP 2008- 140.

8. Using star tracks to determine the absolute pointing of the Fluorescence Detector telescopes
Cinzia De Donato, Federico Sanchez, Marcos Santander, Daniel Camin, Beatriz Garcia and Valerio Grassi. GAP 2005-008.

7. Light Leak Detector for Liner Testing at The Pierre Auger Observatory
M. Melocchi, F. Suarez, M. Videla , B. García, A. Lucero, D Aciar, L. Ferrer, B. Civit, M.
Murgo (submitted 2004/05/09)
GAP 2004-031, 2004.

6. Istallation and Commissioning of the Liner Fabrication Facility at UTN-Mendoza
B. Civit, A. Etchegoyen, B. García, N. Smetniansky-De Grande, D. Warner, I. Allekotte, A. De Grande
GAP 2003-065, 2003. 35 páginas.

5. Radio Frequency Background Noise at Pierre Auger Buildings
Federico Suarez, Andres Risi, Mariela Videla, Agustin Lucero, Beatriz Garcia, Katsushi Arisaka, Arun Tripathi, David Barnhill, Tohru Ohnuki, Tiina Suomijarvi
GAP 2003-049, Auger Technical Note, 2003.

4. Harware Alternatives For The Water Level Sensor
Federico Suarez, Beatriz Garcia, Barbara Civit, Agustin Lucero, David Pacheco, Rodrigo Garcia, Facundo Sanchez Vasallo
GAP 2003-048, , Auger Technical Note, 2003.

3. Results of Testing Pre-Production and Production PMTs for the Surface Detector in the New PMT Test Facility in Malargue
D. Barnhill, K. Arisaka, A. Tripathi, T. Ohnuki, B. Garcia, F.
GAP 2003-037, Auger Technical Note, 2003.

2. “Air Transparency Meassurements at Nihuil”.
Authors: A. Filevich, P. Bauleo, M. Cassidy, E. Ceballos, B. Fick, B. García, C. Lulich, O. Maza, J.C. Meza, O. Morales, A. Rovero, E. Taglialabore.
Publicación: 1999, Pierre Auger Technical Notes, GAP 99-023. (sin referato).

1. “Photometric Study of the atmosphere at the Nihuil Southern Observatory Site”
Authors: B. García y O. Maza.
Publicación: 1999, Pierre Auger Technical Notes, GAP 99-021, FermiLab, Univ. Chicago. (sin referato)